Trainings and Workshops

Friday | 10.5.18
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM

Living Our Best Lives With Artivist Hearts

UWD style: Intersectionality and Racial Justice at the Core

Our Collective Story: Story of Our Best Self, Us, and Now

Apoyando a su hijx a ir a la Universidad siendo Indocumentadx

Can you fix your status?: Potential Immigration Remedies

UndocuDoctor and UndocuNurse: Making it happen

Undocuhealing: Breathing Techniques

Undocuhealing: Mindful Meditation & Tai-Chi

UndocuBroke? We can help fix your credit

IndigiHealing: Resiliency, Reconcilitation & Healing

Building A Kickbutt Resume: Lay off the online resumes!

That college life, how to get in

FightBack: Notifica & deportation defense

#UndocuHustle: Create your path to your dream job

The Labor Movement at a Crossroads: Working Families for Racial, Economic and Social Justice

How to build your high school warrior squad

How to build your college warrior squad

Live as your best digiboo aka social media guru

Join the Comms warrior squad

Join the Advocacy Squad!

From Activist to organizer

Digital Security

UndocuNews: Media Communications for Social Change

Di no al machismo

Di no al racismo

10 main mistakes by organizers

Live as your best digiboo creator!

How to Deep Fry Your Dank Memes (Digiboos)

Friday | 10.5.18
5:00 PM - 5:45 PM

Queering It Up: Making UWD More Inclusive of QTOPC

Racial Justice for movement partners: Gun Control, No Militarization, OverPolicing Schools of Color

Intersectional Feminism 101: Combating Sexism and Misogyny in Our Movement Spaces

Be your best sex, have safe sex

Venimos a Trabajar, No a Morir: Protegiendo y Organizando al Trabajador Migrante

Palestine Without Borders

Activisum : Ableism and the immigrant movement

#QueerTakeover: LGBTQIIA+ Liberation, Survival, and the Beauty of Being Queer, Unashamed and Unapologetic

The Labor Movement at a Crossroads: Working Families for Racial, Economic and Social Justice

Beyond DACA: Instate warrior fights

Undocuyouth Organzing for institutional changes in colleges


A New Generation Steps Up: Analysis of the Movement for Black Lives

FightBack: Notifica & deportation defense

Di no al racismo

How to run your best organization

Managing Organizers 101

Artivism: Theatre, Performance, and Activism

Forget Everything You Learned in School: An Overview with Relevant Facts about Native Americans

Be Your Best Self, Be Woke: Critical Research and Learning in an Era of Fake News, Conspiracy Theories and YouTube

Mural Making of Opposing Visions: Defining the Political Left and Right

How to be your best self as an ally?

Letter from Birmingham Jail; Be your best self

UndocuHealing: Decolonizing Wellness & Healing

Decolonzing Food

API UndocuYouth Experience

No Ban, No Wall, No Raids; Living Our Best Lives

Living Our Best Lives: People of color, women, LGBTQ folxs take on the government

Saturday | 10.6.18
10:00 AM - 11:45 AM

LiveUnafraid: fight against Detention & Deportation Machine

UWDSpan: The State Of DACA

Be Your Best Self, Don't be A Hater Or a Racist

FightBack: Notifica & deportation defense

United We Slam: Poetry & Spoken Word as Tools for Mass Mobilization

Being Our Best Selves and Making It Rain: Fundraising

Building And Growing Your Best Power: People Power

We are DACAmented, TPSianos and Union: Analyzing 5 strands of Immigration Rights Movement

UndocuNews 2.0: Innvoation and Transformsation in Media Communications for Social Change

Implementing Our Best Wins to Build People Power

LiveUnafraid: Breaking the ICE! Tools for Fighting Local Immigration Enforcement

Criminalizing Our Beautiful Brown and Black Skin! Lets fight back

Building Political Power #HereToStay

#StopTheHate: Combating Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric

Legal Empowerment: Making the Immigration Law Accessible to Everyone

On A Positive Note: The Intersection Of HIV/AIDS Care And Immigrant Rights

Run For Office because We Are #HereToStay

#UndocuHustle: Create your path to your dream job

7 steps of organizing your best life

No Beef With Nobody: Conflict Resolution

Throw down as Your Best Self, in a Non-Violent Direct Action Way

Managing To Be The Best Canvassers Ever


Youth Activism; Reproductive Rights

Be Your Best Woke Self, Civil Rights & Social Movement

Be Your Best Progressive Self

Hate Free-Zones - Building Community Defense

Ending School-to Prison-and Deportation-Pipeline

Youth Organizing; Civic Engagement

Social Justice and Arts: At the Intersections of Activism, Culture and Expression