Friday | 10.5.18

8:00 AM: Registration Opens

All Day: Hubs
Art & Crafts Hub; Healing Hub; Gallery Walk; Photo Booth

4:00 PM: Break-Out Sessions
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM: Session I
5:00 PM - 5:45 PM: Session II

6:00 PM: Dinner

7:00 PM: 10 Years Is Just the Beginning

UWD leaders from our early years and today will share all about our 10 year legacy and we will dream together about what the next decade of empowerment looks like. Then we get lit as we experience performances from local artists representing Miami’s vibrant communities and cultural diversity. We will show the world what it means to #LiveUnafraid.

Speakers: Neidi Dominguez, Jose Luis Marantes, Monserrat Padilla, Lorella Praeli, Camila Duarte, Dennis Rivera, Joella Roberts, and Kimberly Alexander

Performances by: Intrinsic Roots, Miccosukee Native Houston Cypress, Yoli Mayor, Yaya, Prophet, IndianRaga, Mayda del Valle, WeCount Poets, Elastic Bond, and DJ Spam & Kumi

9:00 PM: UWD Birthday Party

Saturday | 10.6.18

8:00 AM: Registration

All Day: Hubs
Art & Crafts Hub; Healing Hub; Gallery Walk; Photo Booth

7:00 AM: Bus Transportation Loops Start

7:30 AM: Breakfast

9:00 AM: Intersectional Lives & Intersectional Movements

We each hold multiple identities and experiences and are working to build a world where everyone can live without fear and thrive. Hear a wide range of movement organizers share how they came to love their full selves and the challenges and successes they’ve experienced in building intersectional movements and power.

Moderator: Ingrid Benedict | Speakers: Roksana Mun, Chrissie Castro, Alicia Garza, and Alex Tom

10:00 AM: Workshops

12:00 PM: Win Justice PAC Volunteer Canvassing & Boxed Lunch

1:00 PM: Transport to Win Justice PAC Volunteer Canvassing

2:00 PM: Win Justice PAC Volunteer Canvassing

6:00 PM: Dinner

8:00 PM: DJ / Music

Sunday | 10.7.18

All Day: Hubs
Art & Crafts Hub; Healing Hub; Gallery Walk; Photo Booth

7:00 AM: Check-Out; Bring Luggage to Hotel. Bus Transportation Loops Starts

7:30 AM: Breakfast

9:00 AM: Building Power to Win

We’re talking real independent political power here y’all. Hear from leaders inside and outside of UWD who are building political power and using electoral strategies as one of the ways we can disrupt the status quo, flip elections and deliver victories for our communities.

Moderator: Greisa Martinez | Speakers: Andrea Mercado, Eli Cuna, and Maurice Mitchell

10:00 AM: State / Regional Strategy Sessions

11:00 AM: United We Dream 2020

We’re gonna close our historic gathering with an inspiring discussion of our national strategy and how together, we will deliver the liberation that our communities deserve! It’s time to think big about the future we will build together and it’s time to dance with a 16 piece Haitian RaRa band who will help us bring the energy home!

12:00 PM: Lunch

1:00 PM: Congress Adjourns